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What if your phone could find its own way home?

Protect all of your belongings with IDsticker.com

IDstickers enable the person who finds your lost property to return it, without ever learning who you are. We do all the work: we cover the costs of shipping your property back to you, we protect your identity, and we reward the finder. So don’t risk losing your personal data and valuables! Mark them with the IDsticker! Get your IDsticker!

How It Works


Owners register their IDsticker and place it on their property


Someone finds your item and contacts IDsticker by phone or on the website


Our IDsticker agents facilitate recovery of the property quickly and safely


Your property is returned and the finder is rewarded with $125 worth of IDstickers


We pay all costs.

That’s right, in addition to making it possible to have your property returned to you, with your Platinum IDsticker subscription, we cover all of the costs required to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

How come it works so well?

Most people will return your property if there is a way to do it. When returning property is made easy and a reward offered, over 75% of people will do the right thing and return the property to its owner.

Reward to finders.

We help to incentivize people to return your property by providing them with $125 worth of IDstickers.

Lifetime guarantee.

Your Platinum IDsticker subscription is good for your lifetime, not just the lifetime of your mobile device. If you get a new phone you can simply deactivate your old IDsticker and request a new one for free. You just cover the S&H cost.

24/7 Service and Global Coverage.

Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and will begin immediately arranging for your property to be returned to you. With return services available in over 200 countries, we have you covered.

Security, security, security.

We protect your identity. The person who finds your property never has to know who you are. This is particularly important when your keys are lost, as you have to worry that someone may have made a copy. With the IDsticker key tag we enable you to recover your keys safely.

Learn more about how IDstickers return your lost property Learn about our Corporate Protection Programs


What can I use IDstickers to protect?

IDstickers are designed to protect all portable items that can easily be lost such as keys, cell phones, bikes, tools, watches, luggage, clothes, passports, medical devices, and sporting equipment. We even offer special vehicle IDstickers to protect your vehicle from theft.

What are my subscription options?

The Gold Subscription is good for the life of your property and requires little money up front – only $4.95. If your lost property is recovered, you cover any cost of having your property shipped back to you. With the Platinum Subscription you never pay any shipping costs and your subscription is good for your lifetime. You may request free replacements at any time. You will only be charged for S&H.

How do I return property I found with an IDsticker on it?

Good Samaritans who wish to return property to the owner, can either call us at 866-FOR-MYID (367-6943) or click here to register your find on this website. Our representatives will manage all of the necessary logistics to return the property to the owner.

What are the IDsticker corporate enterprise programs?

Companies can purchase annual subscriptions starting at as low as $.75 per phone or laptop. There are never any recovery fees and our recovery agents take all of the hassle out of getting your lost company property back. IDstickers also protect your company’s identity and contain security risks. Get more information and to schedule a call with a sales agent.

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