About Us


AssetGuard is dedicated to keeping you in possession of your personal property.  Our IDstickers have been helping individuals protect their property since 2002.  Our strategic partnerships enable us to rapidly return your lost and found property to you no matter where in the world you are.  With return capabilities in over 200 countries, IDsticker has got you covered. Most recovered property is returned to you within 24 hours, sometimes as quickly as an hour.

All IDstickers are produced in the United States on the highest quality materials. When you purchase an IDsticker you get life long protection. You may exchange an existing IDsticker for a new one at any time. You just cover the shipping and handling for your replacement IDsticker. So if you get a new mobile phone, just deactivate it on your member page and request a replacement. We will send you a brand new one for your new mobile phone.

Corporations use IDstickers to protect their mobile property in the event they are lost. For information on corporate rates and programs, or for retail inquiries, please email us at info at IDsticker.com or call us at 866.367.6943.