Corporate Enterprise Programs

Corporations traffic in sensitive data and expensive technology. AssetGuard’s IDstickers can keep your data safe and your corporate identity protected. When your employees leave their laptops, keys, Blackberries and memory sticks, IDstickers can get them rapidly returned to you.


Replacing employees’ mobile devices is only the beginning of your overall loss. Productivity losses and the resources required to get your employees back online are far more impactful costs, not to mention the risk you run having your company’s sensitive data in someone else’s hands. A recent study commissioned by Intel looked at 138 lost laptop cases, and found that enterprises spend on average $49,246 when a laptop is either lost or stolen. In extreme cases, the number rose to as high as $975,527.


IDstickers increase your chances of having your property rapidly returned to you (at least a better than 75% chance of return) and for as little as $.80 per unit. We provide the Finder with an attractive reward (a $125 product pack and an additional cash reward) and coordinate the entire return process. Finders will not know the property belongs to your corporation and cannot seek to receive an inordinate reward for the return of the company’s property, or worse seek to deliver it to a competitor.


AssetGuard agents will work with your facilities coordinator to outfit your mobile devices and register them in our system. When your lost property is found and reported to IDsticker, your program coordinator will receive an immediate phone call and email from our recovery agent, who will arrange for the device to be returned as quickly as possible.


Unlike some of our competitors, we never charge you a recovery fee. Rather, AssetGuard retains a reimbursable and replenishable fund of $200 from your company to be used for any shipping fees used to return property to your company.


So enhance your risk reduction by increasing your chances of quickly and safely recovering your lost company property. Call us at 866-FOR-MYID (367-6943) or email us at sales at