Frequently Asked Questions


What are IDstickers and what do they do?
IDstickers are high quality labels and tags that attach to your mobile property in order to make it possible for them to be returned to you.


Why do I need them?
Have you ever lost a cell phone, smartphone, camera, watch, MP3 player, or your keys and not gotten them back? Even if your property was found by a good Samaritan, they probably had no way of getting it back to you. Studies have found that the vast majority of people will return found property if it easy and costs them nothing. If there is no identifying information on the property, the chances of you getting it returned to you are extremely poor since the finder has no way easy of locating you. Just think, if your lost property had an IDsticker on it, we could have had it shipped back to you for free (with Platinum Subscription).  Nowadays you rely on your mobile devices more than ever. With IDsticker, all your personal data on your mobile devices can be back with you before you’re forced to purchase new devices and reprogram everything. If you lose your keys your IDsticker key tag will enable you to avoid having to change your locks. If you lose your luggage on vacation, we can help to get them back to you before you’re forced to purchase new clothes.


What can I use IDstickers to protect?
IDstickers are designed to protect all portable items that can easily be lost such as keys, cell phones, bikes, tools, watches, luggage, passports, medical devices, and sporting equipment, as well as items in your home that you want to be able to identify in the event they are ever removed from your home. Our Home Security Pack enables you to mark your precious property and register it in our database. Should you ever be the victim of burglary or fire, your recorded property information in our database can also assist you with insurance claims.


What about alternative means of protecting my property?
There are other ways to protect your valuable property. You can insure your personal property. There are many insurers who can provide you with replacement coverage for your mobile devices. Costs for such insurance is usually 5x-10x the cost of an IDsticker and will not return your actual device with your data back to you. When found, your devices with IDstickers on them can get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Insurance will likely take at least a week to replace your device. There is no cost to you for the recovery. Insurers frequently charge you a deductible or raise your premium with each claim. Insurers also typically require you to file police reports, while IDsticker doesn’t even require you to contact us if your property is lost.


What is the difference between a Gold and a Platinum Subscription?
There are two great IDsticker subscription options. The Gold Subscription requires little money up front – only $4.95. If you ever lose your property and AssetGuard recovers it, you will be required to cover the cost of having your property shipped back to you. With the Platinum Subscription you never pay any shipping costs and your subscription is good for your lifetime. You may request free replacements at any time. You will only be charged for S&H.


Why do IDstickers work so well?

 - Each IDsticker has a unique ID on it along with a toll free phone #.
 - Returning the device is simple and free for the finder 
 - We guarantee a generous reward to the finder
 - IDstickers are made of the highest quality material and will remain attached and visible on your devices. 
 - We protect your identity. The finder will not know who you are, unless you choose to tell them 


What about other Lost & Found Services?
Luckily for consumers there are a number of very reputable Lost & Found Services you can use. What distinguishes AssetGuard's IDstickers is our long history in property recovery, our lifetime subscription service, our 24/7 global coverage,  the size of the rewards we pay to finders, and our low cost.


How do I register my IDsticker?
After you have received your IDsticker, go to and click on Register IDsticker. If it is your first time registering an IDsticker, you will be prompted to set up your personal account. If you’ve already registered an IDsticker, just login to your personal account. From your personal members page you can register each of your personal items that you will be placing an IDsticker on. 


Where are IDstickers available?
IDstickers are currently only available to US and Canadian residents. If our members' property is lost while abroad the program is still in effect and we will facilitate your property being returned to you.


What do I do if I lose something?  
You do not have to do anything when you lose something. If your property is found and the finder contacts us we will contact you and arrange for you to be reunited with your lost property. To keep track of your registered property you can go to your members page and indicate that your item was lost.


What if I find someone’s property?
If you are a good Samaritan who has found someone’s property with and IDsticker and you wish to return it to the owner, you can either call us at 866-FOR-MYID (367-6943) or register your find on this website ( Our representatives will arrange the return. Finders are generally not expected to deliver anything. A Fed Ex or UPS deliverer will pick up the lost item at your home, workplace, or place of your choosing. Finders also may leave the item in a designated safe location or drop-off location (such as a Starbucks, Kinkos or UPS Store) . If you are comfortable with the owner contacting you and picking up the item from you directly, we will give the owner the option of contacting you directly to arrange pick up.


How does AssetGuard reward the good Samaritan who returns lost property?
After the owner receives their personal item back, the good Samaritan receives a gift pack of IDstickers valued at $125 which can be shared with friends and family.


How do I modify my member information? 
From your Members Page you can update your personal information, add new items, update existing items, deactivate IDstickers and order replacements.


How do I add new items to my account? 
From your Members Page you can update your personal information add new items, update existing items, deactivate IDstickers and order replacements.


What if I get rid of a device with the IDsticker on it?
Your Platinum Service Subscription is good for life. Your life, not that of your property. If you purchase a new cell phone you do not need to purchase a brand new IDsticker for it. Simply access your list of items from your personal members page and deactivate the old IDsticker and request a replacement IDsticker for free. You just pay the S&H for the replacement IDsticker. If you have a Gold Service Subscription you will need to purchase a new subscription.


What is IDsticker’s return policy?  
Any unused IDstickers or tags can be returned to us within 30 days from the purchase date for a full refund, not including S&H charges and a $3 restocking fee. If you are returning a defective pack there is no restocking fee or S&H charges.


What corporate enterprise programs are available?
Corporations traffic in sensitive data and expensive technology. AssetGuard’s IDstickers can keep your data safe and your corporate identity protected. When your employees leave their laptops, keys, Blackberries and memory sticks, IDstickers can get them rapidly returned to you. Click here for more information on our enterprise program.

How do I contact AssetGuard?

Our mailing address is:
AssetGuard, LLC

848 N. Rainbow Blvd, Suite 3583 

Las Vegas, NV 89107

(v) 866-367-6943
(f) 702-942-4377


If you are a good samaritan, who has found someone's property with an IDsticker on it, please call us toll free at 866-FOR-MYID (367-6943)