Key Features

Lifetime Coverage
Our IDsticker subscriptions are good for your entire life, not just the life of your property. When you need to switch your IDsticker and subscription to a new property, all you need to do is deactivate the current one on your Member Page, and then request a free new one. You only need to cover the S&H of the new IDsticker. You have an unlimited number of recoveries for each subscription.
Highest Quality ID Stickers and Tags
Our IDstickers and tags are made from the highest quality materials manufactured here in the USA. They are water resistant and will not fade in the sun.
24/7 Customer Service
Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and will begin immediately arranging for your property to be returned to you.
Global Coverage
With return services available from over 200 countries, we have you covered. Please note that IDstickers are currently only available to US and Canada residents.
Reward to Finders
We help to incentivize people to return your property by providing them with $125 worth of IDstickers.