Why Use IDsticker


The personal property that you leave your home with everyday is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Not to mention all of the priceless data you have on many of your mobile devices. Marking your property with IDstickers can save you from expensive replacement costs and headaches.

In addition to helping you recover your property, we protect your identity. The person who finds your property never has to know who you are. This is particularly important when your keys are lost. Any time someone recovers your keys you have to worry that they may have made a copy. The IDsticker key tags enable you to recover your keys safely.


We pay all costs associated with the return of your property.
That's right, in addition to making it possible to have your property returned to you, with your Platinum IDsticker subscription, we cover all of the costs required to get it back to you as quickly as possible. Our representatives will work with you to expedite the return of your property.

Unlike expensive insurance plans, we recover your actual device – the one with your ringtones, photos, downloads, and data.


How come it works so well?
Most people will return your property if there is a way to do it. When returning property is made easy and a reward offered, over 75% of people will do the right thing and return the property to its owner.  


Lifetime Guarantee
Your IDsticker Platinum subscription is good for your lifetime, not just the lifetime of your mobile device. If you get a new phone you can simply deactivate your old IDsticker and request a new one for free. You just cover the S&H cost.